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The Fulbright Alumni Association of Serbia – UFSS – has awarded this year’s “Trailblazer” awards to Ivan Lalic, Marija Laganin and Tajana Zadravec, as a group and individuals as individuals who share the credit for the work of “Miksalište” – a multicultural distribution and integration centre for refugees – and for their contribution to positive social changes has been achieved during the refugee crisis of 2015/2016.

The awards were presented by Kyle Scott, US Ambassador to Serbia, at the ceremony which was held at his residence.


At the ceremony the Commission pointed out that the laureates have shown extraordinary leadership at the height of the refugee crisis; that their activity as part of the “Miksalište” team helped to motivate and encourage the mass mobilization of citizens to assist. The Commission considers that the efforts of the “Miksalište” team have provided long-term help to the development of society through the promotion of the positive values of leadership, personal initiative, volunteerism and altruism in contributing to the local community and society.

Through timely and pragmatic action the laureates has directly influenced the relief of the severe situation of refugees and migrants who are passing through Serbia. In the wider global sense, the laureates have contributed to the universal values of justice, humanity, solidarity, respect for human dignity and brotherhood among people.

Ivan Lalic, Marija Laganin and Tajana Zadravec, on behalf of the entire Miksalište team, thanked Fulbright Alumni Association of Serbia – UFSS – and the Ambassador of the United States to Serbia, for this prestigious award, affirming that they will continue to make efforts towards further improving this multicultural centre for refugees, and stressed that the award does not belong only to them but to all individuals and organizations who have contributed to Miksalište’s development.

Congratulations, dear colleagues and comrades, leaders friends!
Your Miksalište.