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godinu dana miksalista

A year ago numerous NGOs and associations spontaneously gathered around the Mikser with the common goal to provide humanitarian aid to refugees from the Middle East who were coming to Belgrade in large numbers, gathering mainly in the area around the central bus station near the Mikser House.


In a very short time, gathered organizations, which are daily joined by new initiatives and individuals, founded the Refugee Aid Miksalište in Savamala and continued with planned activities aimed at assisting refugees and their integration into society.


Sincere humanity, solidarity and empathy, respect for diversity and responsibility for others are values that have taught and changed all of us whoo have in the past year worked in Miksalište.

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The new work year, we commence proud of the work of all the people and organizations gathered around Refugee Aid Miksališta; what has been achieved from 5 August 2015 until now we present in the report which is attached.

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