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Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation is dedicated to economic empowerment and providing aid to refugees and displaced persons and other vulnerable groups, as well as the improvement of children and young people’s well being by creating conditions for their healthy growth and development. In addition, the Foundation is dedicated developing individual and corporate philanthropy, support of social entrepreneurship as well as the promotionof giving among citizens of Serbia. Since Foundation establishment in 2007, Foundation has provided with housing nearly 800 families and awarded more than 700 grants for self – employment, business development or starting or recovering agriculture production. Foundation supported more than 211 youth projects and renewed nearly 70 facilities for children and young people, including schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and sports fields.

From the moment the refugee crisis escalated during the summer 2015, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation started its activities on providing and delivering aid to refugees from the Middle East. In a three months, Foundation fundraised 300.000 USD that were intended for infrastructure help and direct humanitarian aid to refugees. Within this, Divac Foundation provided 20 mobile toilets that are placed in Beograd, Negotin, Bosilegrad and Sid and 13 mobile containers in Belgrade (Miksaliste), Sid and Dimitrovgrad. Some of mobile containers are for providing direct medicine help, storage of humanitarian aid, some  for laundry. Thanks to the donor, international humanitarian organization Mercy Corps, Divac Foundation  provided funds for improvement of infrastructure conditions in Miksaliste for the coming winter. Within the reconstruction works, roof cover was replaced and set a floor in distribution part of the object. In addition to, thanks to the donor, international humanitarian organization, International Rescue Committee, Foundation provided medecines that enable doctors of WAHA International to provide complete medical service to refugees coming to Miksaliste, Sid and Dimitrovgrad.

Divac team in distribution of humanitarian aid in Miksaliste

Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation together with numerous donors, partners and voluntees, realized over 40 humanitarian campaigns where delivered  almost 10 t humanitarian aid in Belgrade, Sid, Dimitrovgrad and Presevo and mobile teams of the Foundation are every day in the field carrying on with delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid. In realization of refugee aid activities, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation has a close cooperation with numerous partners in the field:  Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of Republic of Serbia, UNHCR, WAHA International, Red Cross Serbia, Mikser, Refugee Aid.

Ana Divac together with refugees in Belgrade park

Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation thanks all who helped, especially the donors, numerous international organizations, companies and individuals: Catholic Relief Services, Mercy Corps, Polish Humanitarian Action, International Rescue Committee, Procter&Gamble, BDK Advokati, KPMG, Ball Packaging, Mondelez International, Coca Cola, Jelena Bin Drai.

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